Wheel Repair

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Wheel Repair

Coggin Collision Centers are the place to go if you need alloy wheel repair. If you are looking for wheel straightening, wheel refinishing, remanufacturing, straightening or just looking to change things up with a new wheel color. Whether you have curb rash, cracks, scratches, corrosion or bends in you wheel, our team will get you back rolling in no time. Coggin Collision Centers can provide the best options for any wheel damage that you may have.


Your safety and the integrity of your wheel are our top priority. Since we are brand and I-CAR Gold Class Certified, you will also know that your wheels are in the hands of the top auto body experts in the state of Florida. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or get a free estimate using our online photo estimator tool.

Wheel Services

Debris from the road and curbs are two of the most notorious causes of scratches and scrapes to your wheel and happens all of the time. Much like a scratch on the body, scratches and scrapes on your wheel are a sore sight and can lead to corrosion or further damage if they aren’t repaired correctly. Our team at Coggin Collision Centers have the ability to refinish wheels that have scratches and scrapes. We can also help if you have custom wheels that are painted or dipped. To do that, we remove the wheels from your vehicle and will clean, repair and paint the wheel to match the specifications by the manufacturer, or match the color if they have been painted after the fact.

Wheel Straightening

If you hit a pothole, curb or other road hazard, the outcome of the impact can cause your wheel to bend. This can lead to premature tire wear, alignment issues, loss of performance, loss of air pressure and, most importantly, makes it dangerous to drive your vehicle. Coggin Collision Centers have the ability to straighten and repair bent wheels safely. Any bent wheels will go through a visual safety inspection by our estimators to determine if repair or replacement is the best option of you. Should there be any cracks in the wheel, our team will not be able to repair them. Bends that can be repaired include: non-structural lateral bends, bends causing loss of air pressure and radial bends on the flanges. Again, not all bends may be able to be repaired so it’s best to schedule an appointment with one of our estimators to confirm the best route to go if you have a bent wheel.

Wheel Replacement

The reality is, not all damaged wheels can be repaired. Violent impacts, cracks, or extreme bends can put you and those around you at risk if the structural integrity of the wheel has been compromised. In these cases, our team will recommend replacing the wheel. Luckily, our 7 locations have access to all of the genuine OEM wheels to give you the exact match for you. You won’t have to worry about picking an aftermarket look or be worried about your safety as you drive down the road. Even if we don’t have it in stock, we have access to thousands of wheels from the top OEMs.

Wheel Painting

Looking for a change? Pop of Color? Coggin Collision Centers offer color repair and custom color to our customers. Even if there aren’t and scratches, this is a great way to give your vehicle a custom look. Contact us today to learn about color options, or if you just need to touch up a few scratches.

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